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Weekly Busy Moms Interview with Chanel Wood

Hey all you busy moms! Welcome to the next installment of my weekly series on busy moms! I think we learn best from others so I wanted to start sharing weekly interviews with moms just like you, BUSY MOMS! I am so excited to introduce to you to Chanel!

busy mom

Welcome, Chanel W, Owner of Just Plan It Events LLC. So tell everyone where you are from and how many kids do you have?

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I have One child- a son.

Tell me a little about yourself Chanel.I’m a very outgoing individual, full of life and lots of laughter. I’m the mother to one little boy who is the sunshine of my life. Event design and coordination is my passion, that came from a hobby of mine.

What is your biggest struggle as a busy mom?The biggest struggle I have as a busy mom is trying to find the balance. When to unplug from work and tend to my household. When to unplug from being a Mom and be a business owner. As a small business entrepreneur sometimes it’s hard to shut down.

How often do you take time for yourself?Sometimes, I simply don’t. If I had to give a number of days that I take for myself a month, the answer may be just one day? 

What are your favorite self-care activities?

When I do get a moment to self care, I like to read and journal. If I really get a chance to self care, sleep is on that list as well. No, but really like I spend time alone in silence. Away from the hustle and bustle. Away from the busy.

What is one tip that you can share with fellow busy moms?FIND BALANCE!! Work can wait. Friends can wait. Business can wait. Phone calls can wait. Notifications can wait. Our kids, they can’t. They grow up too quickly and if we don’t find balance, we’ll miss it. 

And finally Chanel, where can readers find you online?Readers can find me at www.justplanitevents.com
Instagram: @justplanitevents 

It was so nice to be able to interview a local mom! I loved getting to know Chanel! Make sure to check her out and let her know that I sent you 🙂   There is so much that we can learn from other busy moms.  We really need to start supporting each other again.  Us moms have been in a battle against each other for so long and it is wearing us all down.  We need to love each and support each other, especially during this season of life!  Share this with your best mom friend and share your tips below!

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