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Weekly Busy Moms Interview with Chanel Wood

Hey all you busy moms! Welcome to the next installment of my weekly series on busy moms! I think we learn best from others so I wanted to start sharing weekly interviews with moms just like you, BUSY MOMS! I am so excited to introduce to you to Chanel! Welcome, Chanel W, Owner of Just Plan It Events LLC. So tell everyone where you are from and how many kids do you have? I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I have One child- a son. Tell me a little about yourself Chanel.I’m a very outgoing individual, full of life and lots of laughter. I’m the mother to one little boy who is the sunshine of my life. Event design and coordination is my passion, that came from a hobby of mine. What is your biggest struggle as a busy mom?The biggest struggle I have as a busy mom is trying to find…

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Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt I think is the bane of our society these days. You feel guilty if you stay at home not you're not contributing to the family and if you work you're not spending enough time with your kids. As a mom raising children today, you can honestly feel like you are doing it all wrong, no matter what you are doing! How is that helpful? Seriously? When are we going to stop beating each other up and just do what is best for our own families (within the limits of the law of course)? There are so many different and good ways to raise your child these days. And let me tell you, we are all a little screwed up in the head and I doubt it's because of how our parents raised us :) I recently bumped into some strange guilt the other day that prompted me to…

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