Feeling Overwhelmed with no time for yourself?

Join my 5 Day Mama Me Time Challenge and learn how to find time to carve out for yourself and get off the struggle bus! Starts Monday, June 10th!

Self-Care for the Average Mom

Self-care for the average mom? Sounds like an oxymoron right? Some of the mindsets that I needed to clear when I started incorporating self-care into my life was 1) I deserve to take care of myself and 2) self-care isn't just a luxury. I deserve to take care of  myself! We, as moms today, have such a martyr attitude to life anymore.  How much can we possibly do and sacrifice before we burn completely out? I don't think that it's a new thing.  Moms have always sacrificed a lot and not had a lot of time for themselves but it seems different today. We have mommy guilt coming from every direction so adding me time to the mix just makes it worse. Self-Care Isn't Just a Luxury Self care doesn't have to cost a lot of money and honestly can be free.  You can spend money, of course, but it's…

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